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Meuble d'entre-deux - Dirk Maeyaert Antiquaire

Meuble d’entre-deux

Epoque Empire (1804-1815)

MATIÈRE : acajou, placage d’acajou, bronze ciselé et doré, marbre « petit granite Belge ».
DIMENSIONS : H. 91 cm. (35 3⁄4 in.) ; L. 132 cm. (52 in.), Pr. 61,5 cm (24 1⁄4 in.).
PROVENANCE : collection particulière

A French Empire mahogany veneered side cabinet with a rectangular petit granit Belge marble top, above a central frieze, ornate with ormolu ornaments. Two cupboard doors, each decorated with ormolu laurel wreaths and arrows, open to three small drawers. Both sides are decorated with an ormolu female herm, supporting the central frieze.

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